What Is Studwelding?

    Studwelding is a process that saves our clients time and money with our instantaneous fastening technology. A fastener can be welded to your parent material in literally less than one second. The number of applications are too many to name, but a few common examples are structural steel, automotive manufacturing, HVAC, shipbuilding and custom metal fabrication. Jordahl Studwelding Division is your single source for studwelding related fasteners, equipment, accessories and service. Feel free to contact us via phone call or e-mail to discuss your specific application and how we can assist you.


    The studwelding process can be divided into two major categories: Capacitor Discharge (CD) and Arc studwelding. It is critical to select the correct process based on your specific application.


    CD studwelding provides a surface weld to your application and is best suited for welding fasteners to thinner parent material, and when the desired outcome is to minimize any backside markings and preserve the appearance of your workpiece. Threaded CD studs typically range from 4-40 to 3/8-16. Insulation pins typically range from 12ga to 10ga diameters. Some typical applications include architectural panels, elevator control panels, foodservice equipment and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).


    Arc studwelding provides a penetrating weld to your application and is best suited for welding to thicker parent material, and when the desired outcome is to maximize weld strength. Arc studs typically range from 1/4" to 1" stud diameters. Some typical applications are bridge construction, structural steel, electrical enclosures and automotive manufacturing.


    The selection of studwelding equipment offered at Jordahl is extensive, and this lets us provide you with options specific to your needs. In order to determine the most suitable choices for studwelding systems, please speak with one of our specialists.


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