Our vision and mission statement

Vision and Mission

JORDAHL®   has a lively corporate culture with a central mission. This mission determines our day-to-day actions and provides us, together with our vision, with a clear basis for orientation.

Our Vision
“JORDAHL is the number one choice for fastening and reinforcement technology in the construction industry. Our clients and partners count on our expertise, customer-oriented solutions, friendly and reliable service, and our ability to meet deadlines.”

Our Mission
We aim to increase the value of the JORDAHL group.
To achieve this goal, we need to focus on long-term, sustainable growth and greater return on investment. All business operations should be guided by the interests of company family members, customers, employees, partners, as well as by our social and environmental responsibilities.

We are customer-oriented.
We view our customers as partners and aim to be reliable, honest and open in every interaction with our partners. The overarching aim of all JORDAHL business operations is to make our clients happy.

We are experts.
Clients value our high quality standards, innovative solutions, and expertise. We must therefore ensure that our knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date and that we closely follow market developments. With this expertise, we are optimally positioned to offer our clients the very best products and services.

We care about the environment and act accordingly.
In order to reduce our negative impact on the environment in our day-to-day work, we follow sustainability guidelines and use energy responsibly and efficiently. Complying with statutory and other regulations is equally as important to us as improving energy efficiency.

We operate in line with compliance guidelines.
Adhering to compliance guidelines is a given for JORDAHL. We respect and abide by statutory and corporate regulations in countries where we are active.

We take a business approach to internal company activities.
We treat our colleagues and other departments as we do our clients. Being service-oriented is a company goal that extends beyond department and division lines.

We are continually improving our processes, and view mistakes as an opportunity to improve.
We strive to constantly optimise our processes. If mistakes are made, this is an opportunity to improve our performance and processes. The following statement applies to all levels of our company hierarchy: when someone makes a mistake, they must determine the root cause in order to avoid repeating this mistake in the future.

We see managers as role models.
JORDAHL management sets an example by challenging and supporting all employees in their work. Based on agreed joint targets, employees are given the initiative and appropriate time and space to make their own decisions.

We provide guidance for our employees.
All communication with our employees is clear, direct, honest and supportive. In appraisal interviews, we discuss employee performance and behaviour and give employees the opportunity to fulfil their potential in ways that benefit the company. We offer honest feedback and expect the same from employees. This allows us to openly discuss conflicts and to resolve these quickly and with the best approach.

We each contribute to the successes of JORDAHL leadership.
Every employee is responsible for achieving the goals set out by management – as an individual as well as part of the entire workforce.

We practise our company culture.
Being open to change and enjoying our work are aspects of our company culture that we practise every day.