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Introducing the WCPS-R-3013™ from Jordahl®

The WCPS-R-3013, Wireless Charging Protection System from Jordahl, a flush with the floor contactless charging protective infrastructure for Wireless Charging Systems.

Optimized Energy Management

The efficiency of autonomous logistics depends significantly on optimized energy management and when vehicles are charged as part of the working process, enormous productivity gains can be achieved. Autonomous transportation systems, AMRs & AGVs, are part of interlinked and highly efficient logistics value chains where reliable and harmonized energy supplies are essential.

When the decision is made to automate intra-logistics processes by using autonomous vehicles, it is imperative to integrate the appropriate charging methodology as a part of the working process. An efficiently planned energy supply has a large impact on the optimal deployment and availability of the fleet as well as their operational readiness in the workflow.

Addressing the power supply of  vehicles early and opting for contact-less in-ground charging technology unleashes the full potential of your autonomous fleet.

Maximizing Fleet Utilization, Time, Space and Work Flow

Maximizing autonomous fleet utilization, minimizing downtime and discrete infrastructure integration that doesn't interfere with other processes is crucial to supporting the overall objectives of a highly efficient intralogistics value chain. The WCPS R-3013, Wireless Charging Protection System from Jordahl provides the ultimate protection for Wireless Charging Systems.

The WCPS-R-3013 Advantage

  • VDE certified, IP65 protection class

  • Total protection for wireless charging systems

  • Flush mounted, safe and traffic ready

  • High load capacity

  • In-process opportunity charging of AMRs & AGVs

  • Superior safety with fewer restrictions 

  • Highly resistant to external elements

  • Perfectly suited for demanding environments

  • Flexible, scalable & process optimized

WCPS-R-3013 is the industry ready, flexible, scalable protection system for in-ground installation of contactless charging stations. The WCPS-R-3013 can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other floor-mounted or vertically mounted charging solutions, combining optimum usability while remaining flexible to future charging technologies.

Why Go Wireless?


Opportunity at Every Stop

Charging coils are placed in the ground under a protective cover and are activated only when a matching receiving coil is positioned above it. Charging begins immediately and ends as soon as the 2 coils are no longer in position. More locations equal more opportunity to charge during the workflow and intelligently planned charging points ensure a stable high state of charge and maximum fleet utilization.

Flexible, Scalable & Industry Ready

Designed for mixed traffic the WCPS-R-3013 can be approached from all sides providing maximum flexibility for the entire autonomous fleet. By eliminating restricted areas and detours for off-line charging, each process can be ideally interlocked optimally combining vehicle types with one another to create a smoother, more reliable and safer process.

Reliable Charging requires Reliable Protection

The WCPS-R-3013 consists of 4 main components, the formed steel cassette which accommodates the charging coil and associated electronics, the heavy-duty formed steel channel which protects the charging cable(s), the heavy duty steel channel cover and the protective cover developed from our own PCX™ material, that protects the wireless charging coil.

Extremely resilient to liquids, chemicals, load and traffic, the WCPS-R-3013 is capable of sustaining continuous use under high-pressure loads while remaining highly permeable to the magnetic charging field and safety sensors it protects. With a high fire rating of Bfl-s1 paired with the IP65 protection rating against moisture and dirt the WCPS-R-3013 provides extreme protection for charging electronics, cables and components.

Maximized production, increased safety and more usable space where you need it. 


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