WCPS-RAMP™ On-Floor Wireless Charging Protection System

The WCPS-RAMP™ is a fully integrated wireless charging protective infrastructure for wireless charging systems. Designed specifically for demanding On-Floor applications in industry, manufacturing, logistics, laboratories and warehouses. The WCPS-RAMP is a, modular, safe, flexible, industry ready solution for protecting wireless charging systems.

Protected by Jordahl®

Maximizing Fleet Utilization, Time, Space and Work Flow

Maximizing autonomous fleet utilization, minimizing downtime and discrete infrastructure integration that doesn't interfere with other processes is crucial to supporting the overall objectives of a highly efficient intralogistics value chain. The WCPS-RAMP, On-Floor Wireless Charging Protection System from Jordahl provides the ultimate protection for Wireless Charging Systems.


The WCPS-RAMP Advantage

  • Safe, Secure, Work-Flow Optimized
  • Easy Installation and Set Up
  • Adaptive Future Proof Design
  • Non-Permanent, Non-Invasive Installation
  • Repositionable
  • Modular, Customizable
  • 6mm Protective Coil Cover 
  • Load rated to 1,102 lbs
  • Bfl-S1 Fire Protection Rating

WCPS-RAMP is the industry ready, flexible, scalable protection system for On-Floor installation of contactless charging stations. The WCPS-RAMP can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other floor-mounted or vertically mounted charging solutions, combining optimum usability while remaining flexible to future charging technologies.

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